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Frank is amazing. He bursts with enthusiasm when he is explaining and demonstrating, whether it is how to position a modelís hands or how to add f-stops. His are the most enjoyable and profitable photography  classes  Iíve ever taken.
What a teacher!
Elinor Stecker-Orel
Having been to many photographic seminars, Frank Dispensa's seminars are rated at the very top. His knowledge of Lighting, posing, and exposure far exceeds any of the other presenters I have encountered. Frank not only tells you what works , he tells you why it works and then demonstrates it.  He puts out an incredible amount of information during a seminar but feeds it to you in bite-sized pieces.  His teaching style makes the time fly by way too quickly.
You will enjoy his seminars and you will learn a great deal at the same time.  If you are serious about photography and want to improve your skills, his seminars should not be missed!
Joe Sukenick
DigiQuest Photography
What a great Program!  Frank unraveled the mysteries of  f-stops like no one else ever had!  I finally get it! Frank's  information is concise and easy to understand.  When teaching, he understands that we are not all at the  same skill level, but takes the time to make sure we all "get it" before he moves to the next subject. Every time I take one of  his classes, I learn something  new - and its something that I use immediately. Good posing and lighting never goes out of style and many times it's hard to see the difference.
I would definitely recommend Frank's classes to anyone - novice to professional.  There is something there for everyone.
Theresa Terilli - 
PPA Certified  
Photographic Images
Frank Dispensa is a wonderful teacher.  He offers an intense understanding of the science of  photography  along with a wonderful sense of humor and the desire to insure his students grasp the very important concepts that will make them better photographers.  His comprehension of  lighting and how to capture it accurately is indisputable and he eagerly shares that knowledge with his students.
Chris Davis Cina
Chris Davis Cina Photography and Design