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 M.Photog.Cr., API, APM
Meet Frank Dispensa, one of the countryís most outstanding teachers of portrait lighting, posing, and the science of photography.  Witty and informative, his presentations have excited photographers across the country and internationally.  When it comes to photographic education, Frankís studio, online classes and DVDs are unexcelled for their depth of information-information thatís presented in a way thatís easy to understand and with ideas you will be able to put into practical use.
Frank is a renowned master of wedding and portrait photography, whose posing and lighting styles capture the elegance of classical portraiture as well as the creativity demanded in contemporary portraits.  His seminars and workshops draw from his 30 years of experience as an acclaimed photographer and from his technical background as an engineer at IBM.
He has given his informative and, yes, entertaining presentations at some of the most prestigious photography events, including conventions of the Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, Canada Professional Photographers, and Professional Photographers of Puerto Rico.
Frank's vast artistic and technical knowledge, coupled with his animated platform personality, make his the seminars you have been looking for.  Frank Dispensaís enthusiasm inspires; his sense of humor delights; and his ability to communicate make his presentations an immensely profitable experience for photographers of all levels of experience.